4 Day AIG Advanced Hyperspectral Course Syllabus

Advanced HSI Workshop Syllabus 

The cooperative Analytical Imaging and Geophysics, LLC (AIG)/Horizon GeoImaging advanced hyperspectral workshops apply hyperspectral analysis concepts to real-world problems. The first day is a concepts review and hands-on processing using the latest hyperspectral software, the "Environment for Visualizing Images" (ENVI) with data chosen by student consensus from a variety of available HSI datasets. Students select a second hyperspectral dataset addressing a scientific problem of their choosing for use during the remainder of the course. The second day includes advanced lectures on atmospheric correction and students use the ACORN or FLAASH atmospheric correction software to correct the selected datasets for atmospheric absorption and scattering. The final two days of the workshop include advanced lectures and demonstrations and focus on hands-on analysis of the selected hyperspectral data using ENVI, culminating with student presentations and discussions of analysis results.  Register Now!

Topics covered in the workshop will include:

Hyperspectral Processing Concepts
* Review of selected Basic and Advanced Hyperspectral Concepts
* Guided tour of the ENVI Hyperspectral Image Processing Approach
* Presentation of recent case histories using hyperspectral systems (AVIRIS, HyMap, Hyperion)
* Hands-On Hyperspectral Processing Review and Exercises

Atmospheric Correction
* Review and discussion of Atmospheric Correction Requirements
* Overview of the ACORN and FLAASH Atmospheric Correction Software
* Instruction/demonstrations on setup and execution of ACORN/FLAASH
* Hands-On Atmospheric Correction Exercises

Hyperspectral Processing Practicum
* Lecture/Discussion-based presentations of Advanced Hyperspectral Theory and Applications
* Selection of Hyperspectral Dataset(s) Appropriate to Participants' Interests
* Atmospheric Correction of selected data using either ACORN and/or FLAASH
* Supervised processing of selected hyperspectral data
* Student presentations and discussions

ENVI is a registered trademark of Research Systems, Inc, Boulder, Colorado
ACORN is a registered trademark of ImSpec LLC.

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