4 Day AIG Hyperspectral Course Syllabus

Hyperspectral Workshop:    The AIG hyperspectral workshops are four day intensive courses utilizing a mixture of lecture, discussion, and interactive exercises. Click here to see the hyperspectral workshop schedule. The focus of the workshops is hyperspectral data analysis and processing. The latest hyperspectral software, the "Environment for Visualizing Images" (ENVI), will be used to illustrate key concepts and provide participants with hands-on experience. The first day of the workshop is designed to bring the new or casual ENVI user up to speed on all of the latest processing capabilities and methods in ENVI. Advanced students will also benefit from this portion of the course through review of ENVI basics pertinent to hyperspectral processing and familiarization with advanced ENVI capabilities. The ENVI lectures and practical exercises prepare students to maximize their return in the final three days of the course, which gives participants in-depth, hands-on instruction in hyperspectral data processing, analysis, and interpretation. The fundamentals and principles of imaging spectrometry will be presented and advanced methodologies will be discussed and demonstrated. Also see the CSES Hyperspectral Workshop homepage for details on collaborative AIG/CSES hyperspectral  courses offered at the CSES facility.

ENVI Topics covered in the workshop will include:

ENVI Basics

  • ENVI Concepts and Image Processing Approach
  • User Interface, Menus, Functionality
  • ENVI configuration and customization
  • Managing ENVI data and windows
  • Data input
  • Basic image display, enhancements, and Analysis
  • Introduction to ENVI's advanced analysis methods

ENVI Practical Exercises

  • Several Exercises Demonstrating End-to-End Image Analysis

Scientific topics covered in the workshop will include:

  • Spectral properties of materials and spectral interpretation methods
  • Spectral Libraries and Spectral Variability
  • Hyperspectral Basics and Hyperspectral Data Processing Strategies
  • Atmospheric corrections and radiance to reflectance inversions for hyperspectral data
  • Basic Hyperspectral Data Analysis
  • Introduction to Spectral Mixture Analysis
  • Convex Geometry and Mixing
  • MNF Transforms, Data Dimensionality, and Null Space
  • Data-derived Endmember Determination, Pixel Purity, and n-Dimensional Visualization
  • Partial Unmixing, Class Collapsing, and Matched Filtering
  • Spectral Mapping using Image or Spectral Library Endmembers
  • Spectral Feature Analysis and Spectrum Identification
  • Recent case histories using hyperspectral systems
  • Hands-on exercises using ENVI to reinforce class material

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