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Data Acquisition and Processing


Analytical Imaging and Geophysics (AIG) periodically organizes airborne group shoots using various remote sensing instruments.  These have included AVIRIS and HyMap imagers, covering various areas of north America.  AIG can re-sell all images not purchased for private use.  Data available for purchase range from 3-10m spatial resolution and can now be previewed and ordered on online.  Click the "Order Data" button below to take you to that page.   

The following are summaries of some of the group shoots performed to date:

October 2000 HyMap Data Buy
AIG and HyVista jointly conducted HyMap operations in the United States during October 2000. An additional 60 HyMap flightlines were collected for government, academic, and commercial customers.  Areas covered include lines in AZ, FL,  IL, KS,  LA, MS, MT, NM, NC, VA, and WY.   October 2000 HyMap data are available for purchase now by special request and  will be available for sale at this site soon. 

May 2000 HyMap Data Buy
AIG and HyVista conducted a short (2-week) HyMap mission during May 2000. Over 60 flightlines were collected in either Research or Proprietary mode, mostly on the East Coast (FL, NC, SC, VA, and NY). These data have been processed and provided to the sponsors.  May 2000 HyMap data will be available for sale at this site at a later date.

1999 HyMap Group Shoot
During September and October of 1999, AIG in cooperation with HyVista Corporation, Sydney, Australia, organized a North American airborne campaign, using "HyMap", an advanced 126 band commercial hyperspectral scanner developed by Integrated Spectronics. HyMap data acquisition took place in the United States between 3 September and 11 October 1999. We invite anyone with an interest in this technology to examine data from the group shoot. Further information regarding data available for purchase is available here, or please indicate your interest by contacting AIG at the address below for additional information.

1995 AVIRIS Group Shoot

During the summer of 1995, AIG arranged for the collection of NASA/JPL Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS) data on the behalf of commercial clients.  AVIRIS collects data in 224 spectral bands providing spectral signatures at every image pixel and allowing detailed mapping of surface materials based on their spectroscopic characteristics.  The group shoot gave commercial entities the opportunity to acquire high quality imaging spectrometer data for their selected sites. 

AIG defined the clients' flight lines, arranged for their collection, received the data, an calibrated the data to reflectance.  For clients that requested further processing, AIG used their specialized processing techniques to provide mineral and vegetation abundance maps, and supplied the clients with output maps and detailed reports.  The 1995 AVIRIS Group Shoot provided an efficient means for organizations to share some of the costs and apparent risks of using a new technology while getting data specific to their needs.  

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