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Analytical Imaging and Geophysics (AIG) in cooperation with HyVista Corporation, Sydney, Australia, is organizing North American hyperspectral airborne campaigns during Summer 2002 using "HyMap", an advanced 126 band commercial hyperspectral scanner. We invite anyone with an interest in this technology to participate in a commercial "Group Shoot" using the HyMap scanner. Please sign up now or indicate your interest by contacting AIG at the address below for additional information.  

Analytical Imaging and Geophysics, Attn: Dr. Fred A. Kruse 

4450 Arapahoe Ave, Suite 100

Boulder, Colorado, USA 80303

Phone: 303-499-9471

FAX: 303-665-6090

Email: kruse@aigllc.com

Web: http://www.aigllc.com

The HyMap scanner is the most advanced commercial hyperspectral sensor available today. It provides high accuracy, calibrated radiance data. The system is mounted on an SM2000 Zeiss gyro-stabilized platform augmented with a Boeing C-MIGITS GPS/INS and therefore can be precisely geolocated. At nominal 5m pixels, a "scene" will cover a 2.3 x 20 km area. The standard product provided by AIG is apparent reflectance, precision-geocoded spectral image data.  Additional processing is available at several levels of analysis.

The basic HyMap specifications are:

IFOV: 2.5 mr along track, 2.0 mr across track (Spatial resolution 3.5–10 m)

FOV: 60 degrees (512 pixels)


Module Spectral Range Bandwidth across Module Average Spectral Sampling Interval
VIS 0.45 - 0.89 um 15 - 16 nm 15 nm
NIR 0.89 - 1.35 um 15 - 16 nm 15 nm
SWIR1 1.40 - 1.80 um 15 - 16 nm 15 nm
SWIR2 1.95 - 2.48 um 18 - 20 nm 15 nm

The 2002 AIG/HyVista HyMap hyperspectral Group Shoot is aimed at acquiring hyperspectral data for customers in the commercial and research markets. The Group Shoot, utilizing shared instrument mobilization costs, allows reasonably-priced individual acquisitions. The 2002 HyMap mission provides the opportunity to acquire relatively inexpensive, high-quality hyperspectral data over specific sites of interest.

The 2002 HyMap data acquisition will follow the successful AIG/HyVista model used for the 1999 HyMap group shoot. There are two collection modes possible:

"Proprietary" data will be acquired for sponsors and will only be available to the sponsor ordering the acquisition. "Research" data will be acquired for sponsors’ sites, but available for general distribution. The nominal price for research data is $6000 per 2.3 x 20 km scene; proprietary data are $12,000 per scene. Discounts are available for volume.  

For more information about this HyMap Group Shoot opportunity, contact Fred Kruse at kruse@aigllc.com or at the AIG address/phone listed above.

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