October HyMap 2000 Mission Status


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This  page gives the current status of the October 2000 HyMap 2000 mission.   Additional HyMap 2000 information is available by clicking here.

Sunday 29 October - Monday 30 October
HyVista is in position for an on-the-ground calibration in Las Vegas. We'll be removing the scanner from the aircraft on Monday.

Saturday 28 October
This was the last day of the current USA HyMap 2000 mission.  The weather was marginal, but we managed to acquire data for Oatman, AZ (with a few clouds and cloud-shadows) on Saturday 28 October on the way to Las Vegas. 

Friday 27 October
We're weathered out in Tucson where it's raining (flash flooding emminent!).  We'll try again tomorrow.

Thursday 26 October
We moved west to Albuquerque, NM today and acquired data for the Sevilleta National Forest, New Mexico site. We also collected some proprietary data at sites in Arizona. We ended the day Thursday in Tucson, AZ. 

Wednesday 25 October
The weather was somewhat hazy, but we acquired data for the following sites:

Atchafalaya Bay, LA (subset shown at left)
Stennis Space Center, MS
Camp Shelby, MS
Jackson State University, MS
Brooksville, MS

We ended the day in Dallas, Texas. Example images below are subsets of the Atchafalaya Bay, LA (left) and Jackson State University, MS (Right) data.

Tuesday 24 October
We managed to collect data for our Daytona Beach, FL site, but there were scattered clouds.  HyVista made several runs, however, so we're pretty confident we've adequately covered the site. We ended the day in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Monday 23 October
We're spending the day in Daytona Beach, FL, waiting for rainy weather to clear before attempting Florida sites and moving on. We'll also attempt to replenish liquid nitrogen.

Sunday 22 October
Weather was good, but hazy.  We were able to acquire proprietary sites in North Carolina and the "North Inlet" site in South Carolina (see adjacent image subset).  The aircraft/HyVista Crew is now located in Daytona Beach, Florida.








Saturday 21 October
We had good weather again and were able to get the following sites

Maryland Point/Blossom Point, Lower Potomac River, VA
Ft AP Hill, VA
Dismal Marsh, NC
Oregon Inlet, NC

We were unable to get a site at Dameron Point, NC (again!) because of restricted airspace.  We ended the day in New Bern, NC.

Friday 20 October
HyVista had a pretty good flight day Friday, (though dodging all that air traffic around DC is a nightmare!). We acquired the following sites:

Dahlgren, VA
Lower Potomac River Target of Opportunity
Catholic University, Washington DC
Spring Valley, Washington DC
Mt Pleasant, VA
Front Royal, VA
Culpepper, VA

Thursday 19 October
Transit day to Washington, DC Area.  We've arrived safely in Manasas, VA.

Wednesday 18 October
We acquired data for the Kansas Ecological Preserve and some targets of opportunity in Illinois on Wednesday before stopping for liquid nitrogen in the Chicago area.

Tuesday 17 - Friday 20 October
We acquired our highest priority flightlines at Yellowstone today under good conditions. We have additional lines to do at Yellowstone, but unfortunately, the forecast is for rain and snow in NW Wyoming on Wednesday. We may be able to make an additional try here on the way home if it's not buried in snow. 

Monday 16 October
Today was a layover day while we wait for the weather at Yellowstone. No data acquired.

Sunday 15 October
The weather in New Mexico failed to cooperate and we've moved north to Cody Wyoming in the hope that we might be able to acquire data at Yellowstone National Park over the next couple days before heading east. HyVista plans to take a second shot at the NM sites on the return trip.

Saturday 14 October
Well, the weather is hitting us again.  HyVista is on  the ground in Albuquerque and we're clouded in. We hope to acquire data for Sevilleta National Forest, New Mexico, as soon as it clears.  The current (highly flexible) plan is to sit here for at least a day and wait for the front to pass to the east.  We're evaluating Yellowstone and other western sites to determine if we can get them before the snow flies and before moving east. Weather continues to be a major factor.

HyMap October 2000 Activities

13 October 2000
We acquired data at Silver Bell Arizona and made several attempts at sites near Tombstone, Arizona. Despite scattered clouds,  we managed to get some good data. Here is a small subset of the Tombstone data.   HyMap is spending the night in Albuquerque, NM.






11 - 12 October 2000
HyMap moved back to a Las Vegas base for possible acquisitions in Arizona and New Mexico. Weather kept us from getting any data.  

10 October 2000
Plans for Yellowstone National Park were put on hold because of weather. No HyMap data acquisition.

9 October 2000
Hardware problems were corrected and HyVista had a successful and long day flight testing around NV. We did acquire data for our standard Cuprite test site along with other selected Nevada sites.  HyMap is currently located in Elko, Nevada.

7 October 2000
Installation completed and FAA approval received.  The instrument is currently located in Las Vegas, Nevada. HyVista has completed HyMap installation and received FAA approval, however, we have experienced some hardware problems on the first test flight. Currently, all acquisitions are on hold pending correction of these problems.

4 - 6 October 2000
HyMap arrived in Las Vegas and installation was planned over the weekend.  We are using a Twin Otter aircraft for this deployment.

What about HyMap Group Shoots and Ground Truth?
We make our best efforts to coordinate HyMap flights with ground truth requirements where specified, but we are tightly constrained because of instrument availability issues, scheduling, and weather.  We hope that people needing ground truth understand, that when we are flying a HyMap Group Shoot such as this where the mobilization costs are shared, the overall group shoot route and the weather are the dominating factors. Please confirm any ground truth requirements by emailing info@aigllc.com. We'll do our best.  If the weather is good and you have been informed about pending acquisition and are unable to be on-site, then we will fly the site and move on.