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This  page gives a running commentary of the two week May 2000 HyMap 2000 mission.   Additional HyMap 2000 information is available by clicking here.  

Sunday 14 May
This was the last day of the May HyMap mission. We flew to San Jose to return the plane and pack up the instrument for shipment back to Australia for some HyVista commitments there. We'd hoped to acquire sites in Arizona, southern Nevada, and California on the way north, but had unfavorable weather. 

Friday 12 May/Saturday 13 May
We overnighted in Beaumont Texas, but weather forced us to move west on Friday. We acquired proprietary sites in northern Mexico on Friday/Saturday.  The plane and sensor are now in Tucson, AZ.

Thursday 11 May
We tried to acquire numerous sites in MS on Thursday 11 May, but the weather didn't cooperate. We acquired flightlines at Ship Island with 50% cloud cover and Brooksville with 30% cloud.  Sites at Stennis Space Center, Stonesville, Camp Shelby, and Beaumont Texas were totally weathered out.

Wednesday 10 May
Weathered out for the MS sites today. Will try again tomorrow.

Tuesday 9 May
We ferried to Florida early in the day on Tuesday 9 May for collections in southern Florida. We successfully acquired flightlines for  Shark Valley and Sparrow, FL, and targets of opportunity at Taylor Slough, and Gradient as well as over some Florida coral reefs. We finished the day at Pensacola, FL.

Monday 8 May
We were weathered out on the sites near Charleston, WV again and moved on to sites in eastern VA, NC, and SC. We got data for Dameron Marsh (VA), VA Reserve (VA), Cape Hatteras (NC), and some proprietary NC and SC sites. We were unable to acquire data for sites on the Lower Potomac River/Chesapeake Bay, VA, and for Dare Co Range, NC, because these sites were in military restricted airspace and no access was granted. We are overnighting near Myrtle Beach, SC. 

Sunday 7 May
We were able to acquire data for West Point and the Hudson River sites (about 80% free of cloud), and the West Virginia Forest ( 75 % free of cloud). Unfortunately, the weather in the north near Maine/Vermont was bad, so we aborted going there. We are unable to wait for these sites, as the forecast does not look promising for the next few days. Today's  stopover is in Charleston WV.

Saturday 6 May
We acquired data for sites in the Toledo, OH area then moved on to NY where it promptly clouded in. The crew will overnight in the West Point area.

Friday 5 May
Unfortunately weather beat us at Champaigne IL and we didn't get the lines there.  We did manage to get proprietary data near Cincinnati (v.good luck) and also got a site for Purdue University in Indiana.

4 May 2000
Thursday 4 May was a transit day.  HyMap overnighted in Champaign IL.

3 May 2000
HyVista completed a test flight and acquired several sites today. Weather was near perfect and we acquired data for Walnut Creek (3 lines), Petaluma River (a site north of  SF bay), Sulfur Bank Mine, Monterey Peninsula (3 lines), Big Sur, and Elkhorn Slough (5 lines). We finished the day in Salt Lake City, Utah.

2 May 2000
HyMap cleared customs and we successfully installed and tested the sensor in the Cesna 402 this afternoon. Everything looks good. Tomorrow we're going to do some test/calibration sites around San Francisco and Monterey and then hopefully head east. We may pick up some sites we missed last year on the way, but the main direction is towards Ohio for some proprietary sites.

1 May 2000
HyMap arrived in San Francisco over the weekend of April 29-30 after a delay in Brazil because of weather. We are in the process of clearing customs and hope to do the aircraft installation on Tuesday 2 May, test flights around San Francisco on Wednesday 3 May, then onward to our April-May HyMap 2000 sites for about a two week mission. The east coast is our top priority, however, weather considerations will have a strong influence on where we go first. We currently have scheduled sites in CA, NV, IN, OH, WV, ME, VT, NY, VA, NC, SC, FL, MS, and TX.

What about HyMap Group Shoots and Ground Truth?
We make our best efforts to coordinate HyMap flights with ground truth requirements where specified, but we are usually tightly constrained because of instrument availability issues and scheduling.  We hope that people needing ground truth understand, that when we are flying a HyMap Group Shoot such as this where the mobilization costs are shared, the overall group shoot route and the weather are the dominating factors. If the weather is good and you have been informed about pending acquisition and are unable to be on-site, then we will fly the site and move on. 


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