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1999 HyMap


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HyMap in the Cessna 402           Part of the HyVista and AIG Teams with the Aircraft. Left to Right (Terry Cocks, Peter Cocks (HyVista, Data Acquisition), Joe Boardman, Adam Lefkoff(AIG, Ground Segment)


Big News: We're Done!!
We finished up acquiring data at Monterey, CA on 11 October. HyMap is back in the box and has arrived in Australia. While we had our problems with weather throughout the mission, we managed to collect over 85% of the planned flightlines. The HyVista team are due special recognition for their efforts!!  Many thanks for a job well done.

Summary Papers
The following two papers summarize the HyMap sensor and results from the 1999 Group Shoot

HyMap Sensor
Cocks T., R. Jenssen, A. Stewart, I. Wilson, and T. Shields, 1998,  The HyMap Airborne Hyperspectral Sensor: The 
    System, Calibration and Performance. Proc. 1st EARSeL Workshop on Imaging Spectroscopy (M. Schaepman, 
    D. Schläpfer, and K.I. Itten, Eds.), 6-8 October 1998, Zurich, EARSeL, Paris, p. 37-42.
          (Courtesy Copy Available Here).
1999 HyMap Group Shoot
Kruse, F. A., Boardman, J. W., Lefkoff, A. B., Young, J. M., Kierein-Young, K. S., and Cocks, T., 1999.  The 1999 USA 
         HyMap Group Shoot:  In Proceedings, ISSSR’99, 31 October – 4 November 1999, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Data are on the way.
We're working through a pile of tapes and data are being delivered to group shoot sponsors as they're processed.  We'll be putting together a list of what's on the way, but some of you will probably receive data before that is accomplished. Watch for your data.  We also have a Tutorial and FAQ to get you started processing your HyMap data.

AIG/HyVista recently sent out an email detailing options for those sponsors who's sites we missed or for whom we were unable to acquire data. If we missed your site(s), please contact info@aigllc.com as soon as possible to discuss your options.

1999 AIG/HyVista HyMap USA Group Shoot Site List

Processing Summary

Stunning Results from Cuprite, NV

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