The scanner used for this campaign, HyMap, is the most advanced commercial hyperspectral sensor available today (a full sensor description is available here). It provides high accuracy, calibrated radiance data. The system is mounted on an SM2000 Zeiss gyro-stabilized platform augmented with a Boeing C-MIGITS GPS/INS and therefore can be precisely geolocated. At nominal 5m pixels, a "scene" will cover a 2.3 x 20 km area. The standard product provided by AIG is apparent reflectance, precision-geocoded spectral image data. Additional processing will be available at several levels of analysis.

The basic HyMap specifications are:

IFOV: 2.5 mr along track, 2.0 mr across track (Spatial resolution 3.5–10 m)
FOV: 62 degrees (512 pixels)


Spectral range

Bandwidth across


Average spectral sampling interval


0.45 - 0.89 um

15 – 16 nm

15 nm


0.89 - 1.35 um

15 – 16 nm

15 nm


1.40 - 1.80 um

15 – 16 nm

13 nm


1.95 - 2.48 um

18 – 20 nm

17 nm

AIG/HyVista HyMap group shoot campaigns are primarily aimed at introducing HyMap and AIG analysis products to the USA commercial and research markets. These provide customers opportunities to take advantage of data collected in a ‘group shoot’ situation where the instrument mobilization costs are shared by the participants.  In addition, the instrument rental and operating expenses are partially subsidized by HyVista and AIG standard processing and analysis are discounted. Therefore these missions provide opportunities to acquire relatively inexpensive, high-quality hyperspectral data over specific sites of interest.

AIG/HyVista's HyMap group shoot data acquisitions follow the successful AIG model used for the 1995 AVIRIS group shoot. Two collection modes are possible: "Commercial" data are acquired for sponsors as proprietary data. "Research" data are acquired for sponsors’ sites, but are available for general distribution at reasonable cost.


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