Processing Summary

AIG/HyVista collected over 225 scheduled  flightlines of HyMap data for the 1999 USA Group Shoot.  We also collected a few targets of opportunity along the way.  The bad news, however, is that we were severely impacted by the weather and we missed a significant number of planned sites, particularly on the east coast.

AIG/HyVista  have previewed  the data collected and  it looks very good both spatially and spectrally. The C-Midgets worked well and we've successfully demonstrated geocorrection of the data (see below). HyVista has completed the spectral calibration.  The quality control process has indicated that these data are excellent quality and production processing has begun.  AIG has processed most datasets through radiance, apparent reflectance, EFFORT, and the geometric correction.  The biggest hold-up is putting the data onto CD. We made the first customer delivery of complete radiance/reflectance/geometry datasets 4-8 October and others are in the pipeline. Watch for your data.  A HyMap Tutorial has been added to this web page to help you get started once you get the data.

AIG's Geometric correction operational for HyMap data.
 Here is another HyMap data example showing the runway at Mammoth, CA and illustrating the effect of the AIG geometric correction.  The straight yellow line is for comparison, the runway is the dark line to the left of the yellow line.

MAMMOTH_2_rawss.jpg (182935 bytes)                MAMMOTH_2_geoss.jpg (205818 bytes)

Raw Data:  Note curved runway and road.          Geocorrected Data:  Runway and road straight.

We Have Spectra!
Thanks to the efforts of Terry Cocks, Joe Boardman, and Adam Lefkoff (see above), the radiometric calibration and ground processing segments are in place.  AIG/HyVista have produced calibrated radiance data sets and apparent reflectance data.  The results indicate that HyMap performed to specifications and expectations. An example set of spectra (single pixels - not averages) from Steamboat Springs, Nevada, are shown below.

spec_1.gif (4344 bytes)  spec_2.gif (4028 bytes)
Single Pixel Spectra for Kaolinite,             Single Pixel Spectra for Conifers,
Alunite, and Hydrothermal Silica (RGB)          Green Grass, and Deciduous Vegetation (RGB)

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