Stunning Results from Cuprite, NV

By Joe Boardman, AIG

AIG is pleased to release the first demonstration results from the HyMap USA campaign (Click on the image above or here for a full resolution image). The plots and images shown here map the occurrence of the mineral buddingtonite at Cuprite, Nevada, a well-known test site. We believe this is the best-ever map of buddingtonite at Cuprite.  This isn't an easy task, because Cuprite has been the training ground for all imaging spectrometers for more than fifteen years.

The high signal-to-noise ratio and spectral fidelity of the HyMap instrument, coupled with the precision geometric correction and atmospheric compensation developed by AIG, give us world-beating results. We've mapped buddingtonite at Cuprite with virtually every airborne scanner available and have never gotten results this good, this fast, or this GIS-ready.  It's truly the beginning of a new age in the availability of high-quality, well calibrated, and precision-geolocated commercial hyperspectral data.

Take a look at the following images for the proof.  Figure 1 is a B/W image (10m spatial resolution) showing buddingtonite occurences, many were previously unknown, even after fifteen years of intensive study by many investigators.

Figure 2. Full resolution (10m spatial resolution) image of the B/W background image above with buddingtonite abundance levels superimposed in color. High to low : red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta, maroon. The JPG does not do it justice! Note we are precisely geocorrected.

Figure 3 (Spectral Plot), above:  Stacked HyMap spectra showing means of the various buddingtonite levels from red=high to maroon=low. Note the mixing shown in the spectra. Clearly HyMap is detecting very low (2-3% abundance) buddingtonite pixels.

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